The AP5000 Airpad Machine

The AP5000 Airpad Machine

The AP5000 Airpad Machine is used for producing Airpad which is the mulit-use interior package material. use this kind of machine, you have the possibility to produce your own protective material at any space you like, as needed and as demanded by your products. it can make the most suitable Airpad for your goods. and you can produce the exact quantity demanded by your immediate needs at any time available.


AP5000 Detail informations:

Model:AP 5000 Airpad Machine

length of the mounted machine:1600mm (without Airpad rolls)

Width of the machine:767mm

Height of the machine:1292mm

Weight of the machine:217kg

Power Supply:220VAC \ 50Hz \ 16A

Air Pressure:4-8 bar /60 ~ 120 psi / 5 ±1kg

Air Required:above 90L / min


* The AP5000 is very compact, portable and easily to use. It can produces protective packaging and voild filling material at the touch of a button.

* The Airpad is made from 4 rolls of flat film which are inflated with air, they are vertically & horizontally and there are some strips on them,so it is allowing the user to tear off the appropriate length of the cushion material according to the requirment of your products.

* "just in time" you can produce the exact quantity demanded by your immediate needs thus you can save a lots room for the warehouse.

* The Airpad consists of 99% air and 1% with the other filling materials, the savings over competitive systems are from 30% to 50%. so it can help you to reduce the cost of the materials.

* The Airpads are use the environment tally materials, they are clean, free of dust and resuable. it represents a minimum amount of waste and can be recycled

* The number of combinations can be multiplied again by changing the air pressure used in the Airpads.and there are many sizes of the pad to be chosen(40mm,60mm,80mm,160mm), the range of the pad sizes lets you efficiently custormize your packaging operation